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Target audience: consumers with tech interest and general CES/CE interests (e.g. home appliances, smart home, connected living, green electronics, sustainability)

D[AI]TA is a new platform that turns mundane tasks like washing clothes into valuable data pipelines powering better consumer experience, improved product performance and hyper-targeted services and advertising.

A consumer experience innovation agency and a white goods hardware manufacturer have come together at CES to showcase an intelligent washing system platform: No more worries about shrinking your favorite sweater, no more discolored shirts or ruined bedsheets when a red sock sneaks into the wash, maybe even no more lost socks. D[AI]TA provides the technology to finally carry laundry into the 21st century.

Based on your washing routine D[AI]TA enables completely new insights into your wardrobe: How often you wear a specific shirt. Which pieces you like to combine into one outfit. How much longer you can wear that t-shirt before it should be replaced. What are the best size profiles for future purchases and what brands might be appealing to you.

At CES, D[AI]TA has set up a live showcase with an intelligent washer that automatically knows what clothes get thrown into the drum and all the data related to them, like size, fabric, brand, style etc. D[AI]TA selects customized programs based on the washer’s content and of course warns you when it detects potential problems. D[AI]TA takes all the hassle out of doing laundry - just load the washer and go off to more important things. Get the benefit of new programs as new textiles and advances in detergent hit the market and always get perfect results.

D[AI]TA’s technology makes washing effortless.

D[AI]TA, a new generation of washers will no longer need difficult menus with endless program selections. Gone are the days of too much detergent and energy being wasted due to user error or lack of know-how. Get automated re-orders and predictive maintenance in case there are machine problems. Welcome to a new world of doing laundry, with a simplified experience and unmatched sustainability.

Company background:

Prettl Group, a family run company with headquarters in Germany, is a group of companies, active in the five segments automotive, energy, electronics, home appliances & automotive lightning and strategic build-up. Prettl Group is currently represented in more than 25 countries with over 9500 employees and a turnover of almost 1 billion euros.

Iconmobile is a Berlin based international experience and innovation company active in the FCMG, fashion, beauty, automotive and household appliances industries. With its headquarters in Germany and offices in the United States and China, it develops innovative technologies from idea to industrialization.

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